Why Crux?

I'm constantly asked, "Why Crux? What does that have to do with communications?" I have a strange obsession with that word. Love it! Crux is a cool word with several meanings that apply directly to the work we do for our clients. Let me explain.
Meaning No. 1: The decisive or most important point at issue**
We have all heard or used the expression "let's get to the crux of the matter." It means getting to the heart, essence, core, or bottom line of an issue or situation. At Crux Communication Strategies, getting to the heart of the matter is both our passion and our strength. We help clients find that vital point in their communications strategy, figure out how to get past that point, and develop communication programs that work.
Meaning No. 2: A puzzling or difficult problem; an unsolved question***
In rock climbing and mountaineering, the crux is the most difficult part of the climb or pitch. If you must find a solution, you won't finish the climb. Business communications are like that, too. When you are stuck or in a crisis mode, staying mentally tough and having nerves of steel help. We've found flexibility, focus and collaboration are the skills that really set us apart…and save your sanity. We want to apply those skills to every crazy problem you can throw at us. Bring it on!
Meaning No. 3: The Southern Cross****
Perhaps my favorite definition of crux! The Crux or Southern Cross is a constellation in the Southern Hemisphere frequently used for navigation.  To paraphrase Alice and the Cheshire Cat from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, "If you don't know where you're going, any road'll take you there." So, know where you are going. Map out different routes in case the road is washed out or a delightful adventure lures you off the main road.
The same is true with an integrated communications strategy. What are you trying to accomplish? Where do you want to end up? Having a strategy and executable plan is part of the process. Navigating to the end point requires charting a course. Expect the unexpected - be prepared to change course based upon how your employees, customers, competitors react.
I once tried to get a CEO to call his blog, The Crux of the Matter versus Thoughts from the CEO. Thank goodness I lost that one. Now I don't have to "steal with glee" and can use the name without any guilt.
What's your favorite definition of the word Crux? When have you navigated through a tricky communication problem? Have you ever had a tough time figuring out what is at the heart of your company's communications or brand? You’re not alone. Share a comment here or contact us for help.
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