Strategic Integrated Marketing,
Executive and Internal Communications

Global integrated marketing communications planning and tools:

  • Maximize the reach and results of your communications by ensuring carefully integration across your brand, all media types and audiences.
  • Build powerful connections by valuing, engaging and collaborating with your customers, tribe, analysts, media and employees.
  • Curate your content; build editorial calendars that leverage your team's work to the max!
  • Program development and management including collateral development and event planning
  • Company-wide speaker program development and management
  • Thought leadership programs
  • Analyst and media relations

Executive communications

  • Executive brand and visibility programs
  • Planning and support of C-suite strategic and tactical communications
  • Integrated strategy across all external and internal communications channels and audiences
  • Communications coaching
  • Global leadership communications programs including global internal/external messaging, annual leadership meetings, monthly video/audio chats, social media, training and tools

Strategic internal communications

  • Help you and your team develop a strategic internal communications strategy that helps moves the needle on employee engagement AND can be effectively managed and measured
  • Building culture and engagement through employee branding / employment branding / brand ambassadors / advocacy programs
  • Change communications that actually influence employee behavior
  • Assessment of internal communications capability; coaching your team to create sustainable, bottom line business results
  • Social intranets - from building one from the ground up to cost effective add-ons to your existing intranet to growing adoption of a social intranet
  • Leveraging managers and supervisors as a key communication channel
  • Engaging employees through employee events, intranets, video, audio, internal social media, executive visibility, etc.
  • Special hot buttons that Crux loves to communicate about and are critical to your employee culture: safety, ethics, company strategy, financial performance, business/brand "acumen"

Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Partnerships, and Alliances Communications

  • Communications throughout the process - from announcement to DOJ/SEC approval…and beyond
  • Engaging internal and external stakeholders
  • Integration planning
  • Effective post-integration communications
  • Managing and motivating your communications team during periods of uncertainty and change
  • Experience includes MillerCoors JV, Molson Coors Brewing Company merger and multiple acquisitions - HP/Compaq, Compaq/Digital and Compaq/Tandem

Global communications planning and tools

  • Understand current communication program(s) performance through a communications audit
  • Build an effective team and the tools to support the team's performance
  • Measure, measure, measure - using data to shape and refine marketing communications

Writing / Story telling / Copy editing

  • Catch your readers attention
  • Capture the voice of an executive, employee, etc.
  • Get it right with AP Style
  • Communicate effectively with data / data visualization

Partnering and long-term engagements

  • Need a communications "general contractor" for a product launch, major event or program? We can deliver.
  • Critical team member finds a new job and gives his two week notice. Another team member tells you they need an indefinite leave of absence to handle a family emergency. Don't panic. Give us a call.